• davidoleski

Little Windows into a World of Light and Beauty

The days are getting shorter and shorter. By the time everyone gets home, it's almost completely dark. Most of the yard has been cleaned up, and you're already bracing yourself for how cold it's going to be. The entire month seems to be dominated by holiday plans, namely Thanksgiving.

"When all the colors of autumn have faded, you realize how much you miss having color in your life, and you know that artwork will be like windows into a world of light and inspiration and beauty. "

As the guest list balloons and deflates with each passing day, you realize how you're spreading yourself out so thinly to accommodate everyone and everything. Just out of curiosity you turn up the page of the calendar to see what happens immediately after the big holiday, and right there on December 1st you see a note you made to yourself, The 25 Days of Minis.

It's so imp