Power of Original Art

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

We are surrounded by an enormous amount of imagery every day. Images through social media, tv, streaming, news all seem to blend into our minds. So what stands out? What makes an impression upon us? The power of original art is to make you stop, look and think.

When you look towards original art you should stop.  Think that these are One of a kind pieces of art that had time and thought put into it to create it. Remember that the image you are looking out was made out of NOTHING.  A person took a tool, and used a surface and made something from nothing.

And what they made was about something.

It had a statement about your life. It's purpose was to register a moment that you take for granted. In many ways, artists are visual philosophers. They stop time and translate it into a visual moment. So stop the scrolling and register that you are looking at one of a kind small little gifts of time.

As a viewer, and consumer of this imagery, you look at it. You think "what is this image and how does it relate to you". On a broader scale what does this art say about the trends in our culture.  

If it's a piece about nature, the use of color, the brushwork, the technique capture the light and image. There is a poetry about nature that is portrayed. A moment suspended. If it's a figure, there is sense of  person, the story and the identity. If it's an interior, a street scene, then it becomes a story about our personal world in our homes or in our cities. And if it's a splash of colour and shapes, think about the energy, the way the image relates to another space of consciousness.

So as you scroll through the dozens of little paintings that our artists are presenting- take a bit of extra time and think about the message.

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