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The 25 Days of Minis are a perfect answer to everyone's question, what is the perfect gift?

Written by David Oleski

Autumn is progressing nicely. The routine of getting the kids to school and everyone off to where they go feels easy. Finally sitting down with a cup of coffee is a good chance to clear your head. The kid's artwork on the fridge was entertaining, but now you're aware of the empty spaces on your office walls, in the kitchen, and in all the small spaces you never had time to think about. 

After seeing your favorite artists at the summer shows, you remember that some of them mentioned the 25 days of minis holiday project. That would actually be just perfect, for something small to make up for everything you've been getting done so far this year. You know whose work you love, and you need to mark your calendar. It's easy enough to follow it on Facebook and Instagram, and you're already wondering which artists you'll be following to see what becomes available. It's still a few months away, but it might be nice to start talking about it. Maybe this year Santa will bring the gift of art, and the morning cup of coffee will taste so much better.

The 25 Days of Minis is a perfect answer to everyone's question, what is the perfect gift? What is unique, timely, thoughtful and colorful? What could be easier than to browse so many different artists' available works, for 25 days of December? Most of these artists never work small, so this is a good opportunity to see how it feels to be a collector.

Nobody knows what you like except you, and that's why The 25 Days of Minis was designed just for you.

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