• davidoleski

Thoughts from an Artist as 25 Days Comes to a Close

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As the 25 Days of Minis draws to a close, something big is beginning. Getting through this nonstop pace of creating, posting, promoting and following through with processing, packaging, and shipping is no small feat.

For many of us, the holiday discount special price goes back to normal, and the leftover works become part of our inventory for the upcoming year. On a deeper level, as artists, we have evolved and developed from this exercise. If we've applied ourselves to keep pushing with each day's painting, we are better artists than when we started the series. If we ever consider raising our prices for the new year, we're justified in knowing how hard we worked to improve ourselves. And of course, we realize the complexity of the answer of how we justify the cost of our works.

Above all, I think all of us are happy to wrap it up. I learned some good things about color, tried a few new subjects I'd never considered before, and I'm excited to see what comes next in my upcoming works. 

As always, look forward.

David Oleski