[25 Pack Bundle] 6in x 6in Boards with Black Float Frames + Custom 25 Days Shipping Boxes Included.



Order the popular 6in x 6in art boards with frames for your 25 Days of Minis. 


Your order will inlcude:

  • Twenty-Five 6inx6in pieces of hardboard
  • Twenty-Five modern black float style frames
  • 25 Custom Printed 25 Days of Minis Shipping Boxes

Using just a bit of wood glue, permanent glue dots, or gorilla glue, the board adhears easily into the frame. Since the hardboard "floats", none of the artwork is covered by the frame.

[25 Pack Bundle] 6in x 6in Boards, Black Float Frames + Shipping Boxes

  • This December, you are going to have a large spike in traffic on your site.  Don't just create the minimum 25 paintings.  Shoot to have more for your collectors to choose from.  



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