From all the 2023 artists, we wish you a happy and art-filled 2024!  

Diane Lavelle

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Growing up in the city of Philadelphia, drawing chalk animals in the street, especially horses, I am drawn to gesture and movement in all living things.  You can recognize a person or an animal just from the tilt of their head or shift of their weight.  All living beings have this identifiable quality.  I love capturing this quality in my paintings.

I want to paint the uniqueness of any subject, figures, animals or still life. When I look at someone or something there is a certain moment that captures my imagination and inspires me to capture that in paint. There is something about shape and color that I love.  Mixing up paint and pushing it around on a surface is sooo satisfying.

I am a lifelong student studying this art passion that possesses me.  There is so much to see and discover and share.  Painting at the easel is such a joy and time goes by quickly.

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