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Judy Verhoeven

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I'd like to share a bit about myslelf and my art. I consider myself an artist scientist, experimenting with a mix of techniques to create colorful, joy filled, detailed acrylic based mixed-media art. I like working on wood panels, so I have a sturdy surface when I sand, scrape, scrub or apply pressure when collaging papers.
My life experiences and beliefs greatly influence my imagery and how I work. For example:

- This.  girl.   loves.   details. I thank and curse both my parents for this. FYI - A fun detail in each piece in this show is a hidden date which coinsides with the date of it's release. Good luck finding it!
- I have a great appreciation for fresh clean water that comes right into our homes (how lucky are we?) and I often include a water tower image from a stamp I made, or dot shapes that metaphorically represent water.
- My mom used to sew most of my clothes (until 6th grade when I just wanted to wear Levis) which is why I sometimes include sewing patterns in my work. Thank you, mom.
- Dogs, cats and all manner of creatures show up regularly in my art because I admire these fine beings.
- My studio is in the attic of my house and I look out windows to see the beauty of nature. Every season brings something new to see and new art inspiration.
- Giving goodness into this world is very important to me. I want my work to make you smile. I want you to feel the love every time you see it. This may sound like lovey-dovey mumbo jumbo, but it's my truth and I'm sticking with it!

I appreciate your interest in me and my art!
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