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Vanessa LeVesque

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My artwork is bright, vibrant, sweet and salty. Using spray paint, hand painted acrylic imagery, vinyl lettering, and found objects on wood panel (including copious amounts of glitter) layered within crystal clear resin, I create unique art that playfully tells my collected stories and observations over the last 40 years. A hopeful cynic, my work often tackles taboo and societal issues in an unassuming, cutesy and palatable way. 

Originally from New England and now living in sunny St Petersburg, FL I spent a lifetime trying to figure out where I fit in and how NOT to have a job I loathed (selling pipe markers was not my calling). Through a series of events and many plot twists I eventually found myself right where I always belonged... creating unique painted artwork. 

Through my work I hope to inspire others to chase their own dreams and to live their lives unapologetically on their own terms. 


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