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Ashley Corbello

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I grew up in South Louisiana surrounded by animals, and as kids we spent our days riding horses and playing in fields. As I got older, and my interests diverged from that of my family’s, I began to find solace in the company of animals. Being with them was often the only place I felt accepted – a feeling that I find often still rings true today. I choose them as my subjects because they accept us exactly as we are. They are there for us no matter what and always give of themselves wholely.  I find our pets to be great teachers - they can teach us the value of teamwork, the comfort of just sitting with the one you love, and the joy of living life as it comes. I strive to convey these ideas in my work and through my connection with animals, find greater connection with humans.

From a technical standpoint, each of my works begin with gathering reference, visual and informational, to planning the layout with at times intricate patterns of my own design. All in an effort to weave together typography, modern aesthetic design and color usage, with the main subject. Is strive to reach the technical level of some of the old masters with my subjects while combining that with more contemporary backgrounds.

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