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Blair Barbour

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I am a chef in the Caribbean on a yacht for half of the year and I live in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA the other half. I grew up in Philadelphia and Virginia and get back to see my family as much as possible but all of these places are a huge inspiration for my collages. Ocean scenes, bears, feature films and Ben Franklin are among my favorite subjects!

My mother is an artist so I was able to grow up playing with all of her art supplies and witness what was possible. I received a National art award in high school that lead to receiving Marion-Ebertt Wholle Scholarship to get my Fine Art Degree in college. I discovered collage after college and fell in love with cutting up paper..who knew. I've been showing my work, mainly in Philadelphia for over 15 years and moved out west after being accepted into the Artist Residency Program at the Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona where I wrote and illustrated a children's book (stay tuned!). My work is sold in Galleries in Lake Tahoe and the British Virgin Islands but join in on my mailing list to get first dibs on my latest collections. Thanks for stopping by and I am so excited to share these minis with you!

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