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Barbara Buntin

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My favourite picture from childhood is of me kneeling at the kitchen table with a pad of paper and a huge juice can of crayons. And a huge smile on my face!

I think I intuitively knew that this was an activity that was personal and yet social, exploring skills and personal expression while connecting with others in sharing the art work. Through art making I find the same balance in my life today.

Working in the studio with colour and texture satisfies a desire for exploration and play and new ideas simmer. The ideas expand on my outdoor drives, hikes and paddles, where I begin to view the landscape as an animated series of abstract shapes. Even deep conversations with others can develop into compositions in my mind, intensifying my appreciation of those dialogues and offering personal insight.

Honouring the mystery and beauty in the natural world and allowing a return to special places through imagery becomes a combined delight when I am able to share my work with others.

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