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Dori Miller

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My studio is a hybrid of oil painting and papermaking with installation, earthworks, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts, serving as additional “brushes.” 


Identifying as a mind’s-eye whisperer, I represent the unobserved, finding gold in the wounds of imagined spaces. Why unobserved? We cannot “see” because we look out, when we should be looking in and we are so easily distracted.

I am in love with the world, weaving luminous bundles of amazement out of life’s mysterious fragments. You can find me escaping the constraints of the explainable. 

My artworks are slow, love letters that transport us along the lifeline of our desires, through veils of experience and behind our own scenes.  Speaking in the visual language of the subconscious, my work invites you to stay awhile.

Such ethereal works yearn for a solid, foundation. With a nod to the ancestors, the paintings begin with a mix of oils, linen, copper nails and hand made paper.

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