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Emer McCourt

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I discovered how much I loved drawing animals with charcoal in 2020 and have been drawing them ever since! Sweet, swift, naughty, pesky, cheeky, noisy, sleepy…the animal kingdom provides endless possibilities for my vine charcoal drawings.

Animals unapologetically do their thing. Uninhibited and unselfconscious in every way, they are my absolutely favorite subject matter. Whether it is a hungry little fledgling demanding food from Mama bird or a pesky chipmunk waiting for a perfect moment to nibble on someones garden, their expressions are 100%  authentic - I love to explore their antics and their expressions and charcoal lends a lovely expressive warmth to each drawing.

I hope my art and my story encourages others to find their "thing" and pursue it enthusiastically. I feel so fortunate to be on this artistic journey where I  get to share a little beauty and joy with my animal drawings 

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and live on Boston’s North Shore with family and, of course, several pets.

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