From all the 2023 artists, we wish you a happy and art-filled 2024!  

Gwenn Knapp

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My series of images in this year’s "25 Days of Minis" is all about the season of giving. They showcase the human love of giving, and specifically giving things made or grown by the giver or others. They are kind of double-love paintings! 

I paint realistic images that reflect a mix of human and natural elements working together harmoniously. I was a shy child with few words, I wandered my world with wonder and was a great observer of people and things. My dream was always to paint these experiences. 

Much of my activity is still creative, solitary and overlaid with a fascination for watching people. I love how they look, the things they do, and enjoy their games and conversations. I am fulfilling my dream of expressing in my paintings these interactions among people, between people and their environment, and the ways people live their dreams.

Gift-giving is a wonderfully expressive thing that people do! Gifts burst with meaning whether they are hand-made, freshly picked, pop culture favorites, or luxury models. Thought goes into them, sharing happens around them, and trickles of pleasure follow for both the giver and receiver. We dream of offering the perfect gift. Gifts form a connection that lives on. A gift will always remind the receiver of the giver.

My gift to you is that my paintings are reminders to live for fun, and always hold on to your dreams!


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