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Gaurangi Mehta Shah

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Introspection leads to personal transformation. Reflecting on our internal journey, asking ourselves honest questions, pondering over our life experiences, is an integral part of our growth process. A deep connection is made with the Self where we attain a greater understanding of who we really are. We know it is a difficult process but the self-confidence and self-growth that we experience afterwards and the transformation we sense within ourselves, changes everything around us. A new us is born.

Art has been transformative for me. There is a lightness of being after every artwork I create. I feel like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

Before I start to paint, I tend to close my eyes to process what the soul is experiencing. The feelings and emotions then flow onto the substrate in forms of lines, deep marks, colours, forms, faces and figures, each telling a universal story of life, its experiences, of fears, triumphs, love, loss, happiness, all the qualities that make us human.


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