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Joyce A Guariglia

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My road well traveled - there are certain things in life that I have a strong passion and love for which is my family, and creating fine art. I have loved the process for as long as I can recall. 

My passion - drawing, sketching, painting, attending art shows or exhibiting my own art. Although time consuming it is always in the positive for me...

Often I will find myself at my easel into the wee hours of the morning, difficult to pull myself away. I am a self taught artist who has taken advantage of art instruction and workshops throughout the years.

My message of success -  strong determination, to forge on even when feeling overwhelmed and lost in negative thought. This alone is one solid reason I yearn to have my art give solace and comfort to the viewer, the collector, the passerby... I would like to convey the same feelings I had when painting my artworks.

As a self aware empowered woman I bring to the collector the beauty of fine art. I am excited to be  a small part of the larger picture. It is an honor to call myself artist, and a privlidge to be a participating artist in 25 Days of Minis Online Juried Art show this year.


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