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Joyce Guariglia

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ART & PASSION: Art has always been in my life. It's a passion... a positive addiction!!  I'm ever drawn to the process of being an artist. I knew at a young age that I would be just that, and happily do so forever.

MY SUPPLIES: I have used many mediums over the years, but fell in love with pastels. I mostly use soft pastels, which I then apply to paper or board designed specifically for pastels. I incorporate vivid, fully pigmented pastel colors to create something wonderful.  

MY GOAL: I strive to have the viewer feel a connection as well as an emotional response to my art. I hold memberships in The Philadelphia Pastel Society (PPS), FASO, The Artists Initiative (AI), and have been invited show my art at Historic Yellow Springs Annual Art Show in Chester County, PA from 2013 to present. In December 2021

SIDE NOTE: I will be participating in 25 Days of Minis, an online Juried artshow during the month of December for 1 - 25th. 

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