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Joanne Mark

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 I am an oil painter from Chester County, PA. I have combined my background in biological science with my need to express myself creatively through oil painting for the past 15 years. I have a passion for nature, natural environments and the creatures that inhabit them, including polar bears, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, and birds. Knowing the challenges these species are facing with global warming has inspired me to portray them in paint.

I live near Valley Forge National Historical Park and combine my hiking for exercise with my interest in birding photography. I love the challenge of finding different bird species in various environments, identifying them, and capturing their character in a photograph, especially when it’s a particularly quirky pose. I also get a thrill when I lock eyes with a bird and interact in a special intimate moment. I sometimes find birds that seem just as curious about me, as I am about them. I do this field work to collect reference photos for my bird paintings. 

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