Kathryn E. Noska

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Believe in yourself, and uplift your world. My meticulously realized 'worlds of possibility' are gem-like reminders to not feel weighed down by negativity, but to get up 'off the ground', and focus on the positive. While my work doesn't follow rules of reality, lifelike detail opens the gateway of possibility and creates believability.

Uncommon combinations of imagery are reminders to raise curiosity, see the world with new eyes, and go beyond the ordinary where anything feels possible. I use vibrant colors to counter negativity, elicit uplifting emotions, and represent positive qualities. To silence mind chatter, I paint without brushstrokes allowing you to see beyond the surface.

My intention is for you to imagine the tiny scene is real. If it's real, and you connect with and believe in it, then the imagery becomes a graphic reminder to believe in yourself. Then you see positive possibilities, are reminded of what you can do, will rise above challenges, and strive to be your best. Because when anything feels possible, you uplift your world with purpose!

I intuitively allow my paintings to decide what they want to be. As I work, I begin to get an idea of what the painting is expressing. Then after the work is complete, I make a list of the symbolism, and look for and overall pattern to determine the titles and poems. What's interesting is that my work often directly relates to some aspect of my life. My hope is that it can do the same for you.

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