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Kathryn E. Noska

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I paint 'worlds of possibility' featuring animals and objects, with intimate detail, blended depth, and bright colors, that focus on beauty, delight, and positive qualites to elevate existence. My imaginative paintings are uplifting reminders to see the world with new eyes, and go beyond the ordinary where anythind feels possible. I bring common elements together in uncommon ways, and use easily recognizable, lifelike imagery as the foundation upon which unseen stories are built. Due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I use water-washed walnut oil paint, solvent-free techniques, and high quality eco-friendly panels.

Through my art you may remember a loved one, recall a special time in your life, or feel more self-aware, present, and calm. Or perhaps you'll think of yourself at your best, so you'll be reminded of what you can do. Engaging with my art in this way can help you stay motivated, encouraged, and empowered.

When I begin designin, I don't have a story in mind, so I intuitively allow my paintings to decide what they want to be. As I paint, I begin to get an idea of what the painting is saying to me. Then after the work is complete, I make a list of the symbolism, and look for and overall pattern to determing the titles and stories. What's interesting is that my work often directly relates to some aspect of my life. My hope is that it can do the same for you.

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