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Miguel A. Lopez

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My focus is primarily on portraits, and I put my soul into each of them. My black and white portraits honor the Military. Drawing on my own experiences, I use both these portraits and my written words to reach Veterans who are struggling with PTSD. My goal is for those who see and hear my work to feel motivated, inspired, and alive.

Why Do I Create Art?

Life in the military was not easy—to say the least. It kept me away from my family while simultaneously making another family. It offers a camaraderie like no other, yet it also offers conflicts and struggles unseen to many.  I’ve lost many close friends through suicide and combat. Many of us struggle with PTSD and will continue with the unseen and seen injuries from training and combat. 

Painting is the one aspect of my life that helps me cope with it all—the physical and mental struggles. My use of colors—or lack of color with my black and white military inspired works and portraitures. The lack of color is intentional and lets you merge into my world. It lets you think beyond the work itself by taking you deeper into what I’ve been through. I call it my “Mental Balance”. While my portraits include vibrant colors and the love for life that I have.

What Is My Message?

Sometimes words are scarce and you can’t convey your message the way it is intended to for lack of listeners or understanding, however, painting is my way of letting you know that it’s ok to feel pain—but you have to let it go. Remember the pain, and continue moving on. Cherish each day and do that one thing that brings light into your life and everything else will fall into place… eventually.

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