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Misty Maynard

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Art can transport you. I make art that makes you STOP and take a visual vacation. I understand what it is to function in a day with a million obligations, and I relish a stolen moment to pause the chaos and escape into a colorful, airy piece of artwork.

I love a good 'color jolt' to break up my thoughts of endless "to-do" lists, and I long for that deep breath hidden in the airy/surreal textures of my pieces.  I want to remember special moments, thoughts and feelings when I look at a piece of art, and I hope that my artwork does that for you. 

I am passionate about creating artwork that makes you take a deep breath and allows you to take a moment for yourself. I believe to my core that every day brings a uniquely different opportunity........and that might be why I create with a fluid medium that moves and changes, just like you (and like me)!  You can't get the same result twice, even if you try!  So, bring on the challenge of the day - and give yourself permission to pause - permission to take in a moment of beauty - you definitely deserve it!

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