From all the 2023 artists, we wish you a happy and art-filled 2024!  

Meredith Wakefield

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We live our lives in stories. Some are longer than others, while others may have been forgotten. There are stories of love and loss, of great joy, and ones we'll never forget. Many of them speak of lessons and truths we’ve learned.

Clayprinting is the perfect marriage of clay and printmaking, developed by my late husband, Mitch Lyons. My artwork is bright, colorful, and abstract, reflecting the new life I am building since his passing.

I approach each print with no end product in mind. I simply  begin by loading up my clay slab with textures and colors, and adding layer upon layer. I like to gently scrape off certain areas to see what lies beneath the surface. The is where the stories begin to emerge. They may have been hidden, but they’ve been there all along, making us who we are today.This is where the magic really happens.

For me it’s all abut exploration, curiosity and discovery.




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