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Muthulakshmi Narasimhan

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Art has always been my lifeline. I come from a long line of artists and musicians and I've been painting from the moment I could hold something in my hand. But it's more than that for me. I was born in India, raised in the Netherlands, and ended up in America eventually. Art isn't just an exploration of my cultural heritage or my erstwhile nomadic life. It's a way for me to heal my soul, find beauty in the world, and show the world that everyone can find healing in art. 


When creating art, I take inspiration from my Indian heritage's love for rich colors and patterns. I explore people, places and other subject matters by trying to tell the story. My sincerest hope when creating art, is that anyone who views it can relate to the feeling of finding strength, beauty, and light during good and bad times. I want to offer hope and love and happiness through a visual experience.

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