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Sandi Neiman Lovitz

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That gorgeous blue robin's egg?  Yes, that is when I started my journey as an artist.

I was only five years old. The color just went through me like a lightning bolt and opened up my passion for color. My box of crayons became my treasure chest. 

That lightning bolt struck again eleven years later when I saw, in person, an abstract painting by Franz Kline at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

The power and expression of that painting gave me the freedom and permission to see beyond the traditional realist approach to art. I had not been taught to explore and push boundaries.

I never realized it was possible.

When I stand in front of a blank canvas I  jump down that blank portal and like "Alice in Wonderland", experience a world of magic and strange logic full of phantasmal shapes, glowing colors, and glorious marks.

They jump from my eyes into my deepest emotions and then to my brush. I paint layers of colors and rhythms that breathe life into my paintings and open up stories for the viewer's imagination and curiosity.


Treat your loved ones to something happy.  Explore the season's freshest Sandi Neiman Lovitz color-pop canvases.  Browse award-winning paintings shipped straight to you in time for holiday giving.


Sandi's contemporary abstract paintings are shown in galleries, corporate settings and private collections throughout Pennsylvania.

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