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Steve Oliver

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Growing up in the Adirondack Park and Thousand Island regions of New York state, gave Steve many opportunities to enjoy and learn about not only the natural beauty of the area and the animals living there.  It was this fascination with wildlife and his lifelong interest in drawing and painting that encouraged him to focus on wildlife art and begin his career as a professional almost 30 years ago.

 Primarily working with acrylic paint, Steve makes every effort to observe and understand each of his subject matters, with the intent to honor the animal in a painting or drawing.  The challenge is to render each animal accurately with regards to anatomy and color, and still create a piece of art that is interesting and distinctively as his artwork.  Generally characterized by strong compositions and meticulous detail, The ultimate goal is to accurately portray animals in their natural habitat.  Sometimes, the research to learn and understand each animal takes as much time as the actual painting itself.  Observation is key to all successful painting.

Inspiration comes from his lifelong curiosity and fascination of all living things and his many personal experiences while traveling to places all over North America and Africa. 

In Steve's words:  "Painting is an unspoken language that grants me the ability to express my fascination and appreciation for the natural world and then connect with people who enjoy those same amazing things.  I think when people look at my art, it helps them recall a magical moment in their lives or perhaps allows them to enjoy a special moment or experience or in mine.  Either way, an unspoken connection is made."

In addition to receiving numerous awards and much recognition for Steve's animal art, I have taken part in many regional, national and international wildlife art shows.  

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