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Saurabh Oza

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I paint intuitive energetic abstracts using bold colors and forms. Even at their most abstract, my paintings are deeply rooted in my life experiences of growing up in India, migrating to the US, my engineering background, a love for exploring and experiencing new places and finding beauty in everyday mundanity. My paintings explore the themes of culture, city life, nature and geometry

 I begin the paintings with a simple mark, or with some left over color, without a set idea in mind, as I add more elements, I let the painting decide where it wants to go. Sometimes it is simple and quick, but often it takes multiple layers to finish a composition.

 On the surface the first impressions to a viewer may be the bright colors and the bold shapes, but as they spend more time with the painting, the details draw them to look deeper and explore. What I find most rewarding is when through the abstraction, people are able to connect to an emotion, or a place, or a time in their life. Sometimes it matches my idea and that is great but what is even better is when they have a completely new experience and I rediscover the painting through their eyes.


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