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Shaney Watters

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I was born in Ohio, then spent my childhood in a small village in the Netherlands. Turns out Dutch is not a super useful second language but the trade off was an idyllic place to grow up! My family moved back just in time for a senior year of high school which turned out to be another tough transition. College was better and I went on to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree followed by earning a Masters Degree in Psychology with further post graduate studies in Art Therapy. I have a fantastic partner of 20 years in my husband James and the love of 4 good-ish dogs.

I believed I needed to set aside my own creative endeavors to pursue my career as a Marriage Family Therapist but ultimately came to understand that an important part of me was missing and I desperately needed it back. Upon recognizing that loss, with the James’ support, made a comeback to art making after a dozen years. In 2011, I signed up for an adult painting class and haven’t looked back since. I find being a painter allows me to reflect on, express feelings about, and ultimately find delight in all the messy beauty I experience in life all around and within me.

Influenced by nature, in particular my reverence for the Animal Kingdom, I’m inspired to create delight-filled abstractified animal portraits. As a mixed media painter, I am unable to imagine declaring loyalty to just one medium. Within the layers of my paintings one can spy graphite, acrylics, gold leaf, colored pencil, and oil paint, all topped with a matte varnish. 

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