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Vidya Shyamsundar

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My name is Vidya Shyamsundar, and I am an artist, muralist, and educator. I paint colorful and contemplative mandalas. Using a tiny paintbrush, I make intricate motifs with lines, loops, and curves, working organically from the center outwards.

Making a mandala gives me a feeling of belonging and identity, a practice that makes me feel closer to my home. My paintings are inspired by my Indian culture and heritage, and I take pride in continuing the legacy of the centuries old spiritual South Indian mandala art called “Kolam.” Kolam drawing is a ritual practiced by women in the state of Tamil Nadu to beautify the entrance of their homes.

I find painting mandalas meditative and calming, which creates positive vibrations and helps me feel peaceful. It is my honor to share with the world my story and the beauty of this age-old geometric art form that brings warmth and peace to our surroundings.

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